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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Alone in Hua Hin Part I

Last weekend Sep 3-4 2005 i was in Hua Hin to spent the lazy time over there. At 7.00 in the morning of Sep 3 2005 i was in southern bus terminal decided to take the bus to Hua Hin where is in the south of Thailand. After check the ticket i got 7.30 bus to Hua Hin just 20 minutes before leaving Bangkok just find something to eat and be ready to get on the bus, the bus leaving Bangkok using Boromrachachonani Road and turn left to Kanchanapisek Road before get right to Rama 2 road along to Pakthor district in Rachaburi province then turn left again using Petchakasem road passed petchburi province to Hua Hin where is in Prachuabkirikan Province. after spend 3 and half hour on the bus that i was asleep, finally get to Hua Hin at 11:00, Hua Hin bus stop was near the market where i find nice chiken rice filled in my stomuch before walk along Decahnichit road from the market

at the end of Dechanuchit road i got Chaolay restuarant just in front of me, then just turn right to Naresdumri Road to get to Fulay guest house the small guesthouse that just beside maharaja indian restuarant.

At fulay guesthouse i was spend lazy time at the turrest where is beside the beach and enjoy the time there. Here i can just sit there and enjoy very nice asmostphere that you should have chance to get that experiece. very nice!


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Blogger yumi said...

hi, teddy, sawatdii kha ! i saw your blog through searching "Fulay Guest House" in my pc. actually im planning to travel thai 7days and found that guest house on a site in japan but there are few information about it. how do you like there? please tell me your comments about fulay guest house if possible !
and how was trip to japan? im very glad to hear that you came to japan.

6:27 PM  

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