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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Alone in Hua Hin Part II

At Hua Hin Beach, The afternoon on Saturday 3,2005 i was on the beach walk through and touch of the water, the was very nice quiet beach if you would like to ly down on the beach have 2 choice you can get your own towel or rent the beach chair.

other the beach Hua Hin also have the pier that you can fishing or just allow you to see Hua Hin in panorama view.

I just walk on the beach and get back to spend late afternoon at guesthouse, at evening i walk from beachfront to night market for dinner, at the market you will find a lot of foods which you will enjoy with eat until you forget to full. at night hua hin also have bar that you can enjoy night life for me i decided to get back to guesthouse instead.

In the morning of Sep 4,2005 i walk to the pier to see the hua hin beach front from there and looking for peoples who be fishing there. It would be nice and would like to spend time with fishing also but i haven't bring any fishing stuff with me. Today i have to leave hua hin then i get back to guesthouse to pack my stuff and get to bus terminal.

During get to bus terminal where is near by the market i found old style shop that not much have now a day, i took the picture that you may see how the old thai shop like convenience store look like.

Bye Bye Hua Hin, i leave to Bangkok at 12:00 to back to busy life in the capital city of Thailand again.


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