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Sunday, November 20, 2005

First time in Tokyo Day I

My first time went to Japan, First time to travel such long distance but there was very nice. I have nice time and nice experinced even there was business trip, 6 hours on NH915 from Bangkok to Tokyo gain more experienced to my travel.

Actually i booked flight for Thai Airways International but it was the code share that operated by ANA TG6004/NH915 departed from Bangkok 10.30 PM and estimated to arrived in Narita at 6.40 AM next day, cut to the early morning in Narita airport, after pass the imigration i have meet with my team which is waiting for the team members at the exit, i forget to tell this time is for business trip we will have company meeting in Japan.

We took the train from Narita to Tokyo station where is the common station that we have to change to another train to Kawasaki where we going to leave for these 5 days.

The picture show the train from Narita to Tokyo, And these are the picture show the train systems in Japan

A hour from the train from Narita to Tokyo station where is the most crowded in Tokyo we have to find the train go to Kawasaki, we have the map but not sure because the map and train system here was complicated, We decided to asked the officer at the information counter, we have to take Joban or Tokaido line to Kawasaki station and change to Nambu line to Musashi Nakahara where we will stay

After check in at the company dormitory i will have free time, we took the train back to Shinjuku to have lunch at 1.30 PM the late lunch but i have no problem because 1.30 PM in Tokyo is mean 10.30AM in Bangkok. After lunch i have to wait for my Japanese friend, We were spent the evening time togetherinstead of the team, I and my friends get to Tokyo tower where is very nice.

The picture show the Sinjuku area

Tokyo tower located near by Roppogi metro station, we took Metro from Shinjuku to Roppogi and a bit walk, after we spent nice time on top of Tokyo tower we went to Sushi bar to have dinner. Sushi here was big and delicious evern i like the cheap one such as Tamago and Saba but it was very nice.

Time was fly and I have to get back to dormitory have to say good bye to friends they escourt me back to Kawasaki and we were say good bye.

This was the first day in Tokyo for me, i will write more about the other day please keep the eyes on this site.


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