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Sunday, November 20, 2005

First time in Tokyo Day II

As I had mention on Day I part, It was the business trip and i went there for work so, First monday morning to get to the office where the meeting perform. Walk up in early morning to get to the train at the station with crowded train in the world in my opinion, Can you imagine that you just stand on the train and cannot even turn around, it fulled with peoples and it was the normal life for the Japanese who live in Tokyo. After 1 hour with 2 train we have to get out at Simbashi station to get to the office.

Lunch time we were enjoy with Tempura on the rice with nice miso soup, after filled the tank and back to meeting again at the office. In the evening we were spent nice time at the Japanese restuarant at Ginza area which very nice. I have try Sa-Ke the Japanese liquor, Very nice.

Time to get to bed, On the way back to dormitory i stop at supermarket and bought one Sa-Ke and enjoy the nice.


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