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Saturday, November 26, 2005

First time in Tokyo Day III & IV

Day III and Day IV most time was in the meeting room and the productivity showcase centre, But I was enjoy with Japanese food at lunch as usually, I attached the picture to show how nice the food there which was very nice if you spend morning time in the meeting room.

I would like to show the Productivity showcase centre of the Fujitsu Limited. There was nice to see the hi-technology such as the passport requested from your home and just get to the department to pick it up, it spend about 2 days already

After spend time at productivity centre we went to Akihabara to see the huge electrics centre there was very very nice that you will be enjoy with a lot shop and you might spend a lot money that you will forget the amount

After that we went to Domitory and have deep slept

The last day in the office and it same as the day before just differece that this night we went to Chinese restaurant in Tokyo, was very nice time unfortunately that i haven't took the pictures because i wes enjoy with the team.

On the way back to Dormitory how imagine the train were still crowned at 10:00 PM it just similar as in the morning. This was last night for me in Tokyo then we have a bit chat and say good bye to the team coz i have to leave in the early morning to escort my friend back to Narita.


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