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Saturday, November 26, 2005

First time in Tokyo Day V (Last day)

Time was flying the last day was come. It was my free day after send my friend get back to Narita. Tokyo station where i was drop my luggages then take the train to Asakusa, just walk around and Sendoji temple i would show all the pictures. 3 hours in Asakusa area and it was light raining it make me so tired but exiting in the same time. I cannot explain my feeling that time. let see the picture you will see how nice of the Asakusa

Pictures abobe show the City gate of Asakusa city.

Picture above show the market in front of Sendoji temple

Picture above show Sendoji temples

After Asakusa i went to Ueno, the market there was very nice

i still have time then went to Akihabara again to buy something before get back to Tokyo to pick up the luggages and go to Narita airport

Bye Bye Narita , Bye bye Japan.


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