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Monday, December 12, 2005

Siem Reap, Cambodia to visit Angkor Part I

Afternoon Nov 30,2005 at Donmuang airport have passenger waiting flight from Bangkok to Siem Reap with Bangkok airway PG 938 that was me, i was waited the flight on that day, it was my first time to visit Siemreap and First time for me with Bangkok airways as well.

1 hour from Bangkok to Siemreap, after touchdown i went to Immigration and was surprise the all of peoples on my flight go to on arrival VISA counter just I and my friend that we already get the VISA. We have driver waited us to get to the hotel, My first day in Siem Reap just visit old market area and have dinner at the hotel and get out to drink.

Second day i wake up have breakfast at the hotel, The hotel is small hotel that just 5 rooms their main business is French restaurant. We hired the modified motobike which we called Tuc Tuc, we bought 3 days passed for Angkor which spent 40 USD, with this ticket we will enable to get to Angkor to all of temples, we started the trip with Angkor wat that the heart of the city, Angkor Wat was build by King Suriyavaraman II to dedicated to Hindu godm Vishnu. We spent around 1 hour here to take the pictures, it was very nice that see the temples. I was see a lot of nice carved and nice architecture of the Angkor wat that was good design to have lake surround the Angkor to protect from the enemy and the water have enough to supply for whole Angkor.

after i spent time with Angkor wat with pleasure then i moved to East Mebon where located in the east of the Angkor area, the area if East Mebon used to be Island for East Baray, here was very nice,It contruct as Hindu temples by the King Rajendravarman II,the picture below shown the East Mebon.

After east maebon as the plan we will go to Bantray Srey which take 1 hour ride on modified motorbike it around 38 Kms from Siem Reap town, during on the way i was found the local Khmer life style, poor family with many children. 1 hour waiting we found that Bantray Srey was very very nice, small temples but it was very nice i cannot explain how was it nice. the pictures below will show you the Batray Srey.

After we spent around 30 minutes for shoot many picutures it was very very impress to me, i never think i like this kind of tourist place before but here i can stay here for longtime unfortunately we have plan to go another place. next place was on the way back to town, it called Bantray Samre, on the way with same motorbike. around 40 minuites on the bike then i was arrived at Bantray Samre it was totally difference from Bantray Srey it was big and like palace but the time was gone for while that make the stone was declaied. I got difficult to explain how nice it was then prove it with your eyes from the several pictures i took it. Check it out below

So this coming long now so i decided to cut it in to parts and this is part one, all will coming soon.


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