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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Siem Reap, Cambodia to visit Angkor Part II

From the part we that we went to Bantray Samre and it was the last temple for that day, we came back to hotel and take shower that was about 2:00 PM already after refreshed from the shower we went to the old market where we just walk a bit form the hotel for late lunch, we decided to have lunch at Khmer kitchen it was nice food and then we spent hour to see the market and get back to hotel and fall in the bed from the tired trip in the morning. I attached few picture below for the old market that you will see how it look like, at the old market was where we hang out at night also.

Old market picture

From the old market i came back to the hotel let me show the hotel, how it look like there was very nice time for me to stay at this hotel it is very nice hotel, French style decoration mix with Khmer style. The pictures below show the hotel.

Les Orientalists Hotel

I lied down on the bed and falled in sleep, I woke up around 6:00 PM that almost at the time i have meeting with Khmer friend that we will go to have dinner, I was in the bed a little more and get up with shower to refreshed my body and change the clothes, It was very time with very nice restaurant that i have wrote down at Foods section already, after dinner i went to hang out for a while, the nice life in siem reap was not that far from Bangkok but it was look like in country site such as Surin province in Thailand.

9:00 AM after breakfast i was found that motor bike with driver was at the front of the hotel, these day we planed to go to Rolous group which combined with Lolei, Preah Ko, Bakong, first place we went to Lolei it was contructed around Late 9th Century C.E. before Angkor area, it was detroyed that you can find from the pictures below.

Lolei Temple

After Lolei we went to Preah Ko and Bakong, there was very nice both of them was contructed before Angkor wat, I will show the pictures for those place, i don't know how to write down how nice there are, We spent morning at Roluos group and back to have lunch at the hotel.

Preah Ko


All the pictures you will find it at Gallery section, This is the story of second day in Angkor but it's thirdday for me in Siem reap also this is only the morning of this day, Please check the part III for the afternoon time.


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