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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Siem Reap, Cambodia to visit Angkor Part III +Travel TIP

I was pulished Part I and Part II that allow you enjoy my experience for 3 days in Siem Reap and 2 Day in Angkor and Third day in Siem Reap From now on i will refer as teh day i was in Siem Reap to avoid of confusion. we went to Rolous in the morning, we came back to town and refreshed and have lunch, that day i have lunch at Viroth's restaurat where we have dinner before.

Restaurant: Fine Khmer Cuisine
Finely prepared Khmer cuisine with an modern touch by popular chef, Viroth. Cake and ice cream. Try the Amok or Chicken Saté. Stylish terrace garden and covered open-air seating. Excellent service.
Wat Bo Road
Lunch and Dinner
Tel: 016-951800

In the afternoon we went to Bayon area where i took a lot of pictures at Bayon temples, It was interesting started at Southb gate where we pass to Angkor Thom, Thom in Khmer is mean Big. Angkor thom have 5 gates the main gates for today is South Gate, see the picture below for how south gate look like.

For the picture abouve you will see how nice the south gate are, I was spend 20 minutes just infront of the gate to take picture but i want to show just few picture that i think it nice enough to show, From south gate go strait to the Angkor Thom area we was in Bayon, Bayon was contructed in Late 12th century C.E. by Jayavarman VII in Buddhist. I was stared at very big stone face on the temples, there was 37 standing tower for this temples, you can walk in that enjoy with carve pictures, with Angkor thom area i was spent hour at Bayon. The picture below show the bayon.

I spent time with Angkor Thom area for a while then we went out to Victory gate (East) Passed Ta Keo and reached to Taprohm where was terrific. Ta Prohm was contructed in Mid 12th - Early 13th century C.E. by jayavarman VII to dedicated to his mother. Here the tourist point was the tree growth over the temples everybody came here have to see.

after Ta prohm we went back to town and enjoy evening time as usually in the old market area

Time moving ......... Forthday in Siem Reap, These day was the last day of the ticket we have to access to Angkor we spent the morning time un till early afternoon for 3 places that i going to show you. Start with Preah Kran where was contructed by Jayavarman VII dedicated to his father, the second big from TaProhm, the Preah Kran mean sacred sword. here was very nice to take picture, most of temples here i have got difficuulty to explain how nice there are, I was suprise me to see such hugh things

Preah Kran shown below

i was inside and enjoy with carved, there was very very nice, see the pictures you will know how nice they are

after Prah Kran we went to Neak Pean where was small island temples in the middle of last reservoir that was contructed by Khmer King, it was small and nothing so interesting, check the the picture

The last temple in this trip was Ta som which was create by Jayavarman VII also, Here is very nice for picture, i took some pictures there.

All pictures in this trip you can find it at Gallery, I came back to Bangkok with Bangkok airway in Fifth day morning , i reached Bangkok around noon and get back home.

Travel TIP!
Travel to Siem Reap - Now a day there have direct flight from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore to Siem Reap, you can check with Bangkok airway which they have 7 flights daily from Bangkok to Siem Reap, Malaysia Airline for Malaysia and SilkAir from Singapore, or you can travel by Bus or By Boat from Pharompen the capital city of Cambodia.
Siem Reap Airport - The airport is almost 10 KMs from the town, 6$ is fee for taxi to town and if you use motorbike taxi it around 3$ by the way check with your hotel for airport pickup is the goodway and some hotel have free services.
Travel in town - Siem Reap is not that big city , in Old market area you can walk or take motorbikle or Modified motorbike (Three wheels that they call Tuk Tuk) You also make deal with Tuk Tuk to bring you around Angkor with 10$ a day by the way the hotel can arrange for you for the Tuk Tuk
Currency - US Dollar acceptable in Siem Reap you can use it every where and Credit card can use with Big store and hotels.

Get Visitor Guide from your hotel will help you enjoy travel to Siem Reap, Most of Cambodian can speak English.
on last thing, Visitor guide book can help you on travel within Angkor, this trip i use the Visitor guide book aslo information on this story also, it's free and can find it at the hotel.

Siem Reap Angkor Visitors Guide
Written by Kenneth Cramer, canby Publications Co.,Ltd

Enjoy your trip!


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