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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Alone in Vientiane part II

From the part I end at Victory Gate or Patuxai. before i will show you another place please see continue with Patuxai. I was have chance to get up to the top of the Patuxai to see the view of Vientiane, for foriegner i paid at 5000kip for admission fee. the picture will show you how nice of the view from Patuxai

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another picture
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Under the Patuxai i found the nice picture paint under the gate.I took few picture of it to show you.

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I was spend almost 1 hour just took picture and see around Patuxai but another destination on my Plan was That Luang, i decided to walk from Patuxai event it was a bit far because i would like to see around the city in the same time. Nice quiet city. after around 20 minutes walked. I reached That Laung.

Lonely planet wrote to That Luang as below

"The most important national monument in Laos, Pha That Luang is a symbol of both the Buddhist religion and Lao sovereignty. Its full official name, Pha Chedi Lokajulamani, means World-Precious Sacred Stupa, and an image of the main stupa appears on the national seal. Legend has it that a reliquary was built here to enclose a piece of the Buddha's breastbone.

Hours: Tue-Sun 8:00am-4:00pm"
from: Lonely Planet Laos

That Laung
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The most important Pha That (Pagoda) in Vientiane. I spent around 2 hours here took many pictures and Pray for my luck and safe travel in Laos. You can find more picture at my Gallery

Unfortunately the rain was falled and i decided to walked through the rain back to guesthouse. In the afternoon was the Laos new year celerbate at guesthouse they are very friendly and we had a lot of fun also i got drunk and slept until the night that i went out for dinner and back to prepare for check out in the morning next day.

I decided to took 9.00 AM bus back to Udonthani becuase i was Thai bus so the thrid day in Laos i had do nothing just had brakfast and get back to Thailand.

You might heard about Vientiane from someone that nothing much in the City i had prove my self that there was very nice place to spend quiet holiday there. My next plan is go to Laung prabang and Pakse and also travel around Laos, i figured out that Laos is very plance and peoples there are friendly

You will see if you have chance to visit them someday, now it's easy to get there.


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