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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lumphaya Floating market where is not far from Bangkok

It's the time for me to write down about my home town, i have wrote about the place i have been to but never talk about the floating market where is just 2 KMs from my home in Nakhonpathom. "Lumphaya Floating Market" where the local peoples come to sell the agricutural products, It's easy to get there by the car it's just one hour from Bangkok head to Nakhonpathom using the same road but before you get to Nakhonchaisri you will find the way get to Salaya district you will find the Mahidol univeristy on the left hand side after pass the interection you will find another junction that you have to turn left and you will find the juction that have traffic lifht you have to turn right then get along the road where the way to Lumphaya belong the road you will find the sign guide you to the market. see the map below to find out where this market located. Also if you have no car just take the van from Pinkloa, there are van every 30 minutes direct to Lumphaya floating market. you can get the van at Kungluang restuarant near Central Pinklao.

There have a lot of nice food with friendly asmosphere as well as the activites that waiting for you to try such as teh boat trip.

Also the small boat that allow you back to the perido of time that peoples use the boat to travel as we call Rue Jaw.
the market is open on weekend from morning to the afternoon, you should find the time to visit and you will love there. Enjoy


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