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Location: Bangkok, Thailand

I'm Thai live and working in Bangkok

Saturday, June 30, 2007 one of the e-commerce by Thai people

I just wonder that we have this kind of e-shop on the internet and it's a good idea to sell Condom online because for Thai when go to supermarket to buy a Condom will be a bad time for Thai male because we are shine to buy it. Condom is one of thing that use to protect us and i think it's important for the life environment in this decade. I just wonder that the owner of the e-shop called Condom Thai is one women who used to be a nurse.

I have try to order myself from that e-shop and i have got the products by next business day via POST after i tranfer the money, you see now we have choice.

For me i have collect something that not many people do, i do collect the Condom, many kind and style of them it something like postcard it think.

If you would like to buy Condom but shine go to so supermarket then go to and order it.


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